New Tales From Borderlands


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Get to know Dr. Anuradha Dhar, one of the stars of New Tales from the Borderlands.

We caught up with the enthusiastic-but-tense genius aboard Atlas' orbital headquarters and asked some of the pressing questions from our NextMakers community.

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Q: You’re a doctor, and we all want to know: what's your doctorate in? (from JessilynCupcake)

Anu: Biomolecular Engineering.

Q: We know that Promethea has some amazing froyo—what are your feelings on it? (from JessilynCupcake)

Anu: My feelings on Frogurt? Which will be put in print? Where Fran can and most likely will read about said feelings? Sure! I’d love to state entirely on the record that I love frogurt! Frogurt is the number one frozen treat for everyone to eat. I’m not uncomfortably rhyming—you are! Next question!

Q: Do you collect Vaultlanders?  Which ones are your most and least favorite, and why? (from MangolooCosplays)

Anu: Actively? No. No no... but if I happen to stumble upon one in the wild, I won’t, like, just leave it there to take up space, you know? Not because I’m a fan or because I secretly wish I could be a Siren or something. It’s better for the environment if I keep them! And also, the craftsmanship of the figures is just incredible. The level of detail on them is artistry. But yeah, no. No. Not an active collector.

Q: If you were a Siren, what would your special power be? (from JessilynCupcake)

Anu: How do you even begin to choose? That's like asking me to choose my favorite molecular fusion. I mean Phaseshift would probably make my job easier, but... then again, who couldn’t get more work down around the lab with six extra arms? And who wouldn’t love to just Phasewalk out of unnecessary meetings or conversations? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve talked myself into it. Phasewalk all the way.

Q: We see you have a lot of great goals; how do you plan to "change the world for the better"? (from MentalMars)

Anu: My research has always been grounded in creating humane tools for conflict avoidance. We often solve problems with guns and I’m here to change the discussion by asking: what if we didn’t? I know, it’s a revolutionary idea, but what if we used this technology to not kill things?

Q: How is it working for Atlas? And what sort of work do you do? (from Mitsu)

Anu: My work at Atlas was in Research and Development. Without violating my non-disclosure agreement, I can safely tell you that I conducted research that... aided in development.

Q: In prior articles written about you in various publications on the ECHOnet, some have described you as one who "abhors violence and killing." Do you find those beliefs to be difficult to reconcile as you work for the Atlas Corporation? (from Mitsu)

Anu: Atlas opened the door for me to present new research. They’re also looking for the next big thing—something to shake up the industry. That’s where our goals align. We want to change the industry. It’s just a matter of agreeing on the how that needs to be reconciled.  

Q: Is there a scientist who inspired you to begin your journey towards the career you hold today? (from Mitsu)

Anu: Dr. Patricia Tannis’ research was foundational. Her knowledge of Eridians changed science and technology forever! My own research could not exist without hers. Finding out she was a Siren just made her even cooler, you know?

Q: Are there any places on Promethea that you enjoy visiting or use as a “secret retreat” when you need solace? (from Mitsu)

Anu: Honestly? I love a waiting room. All the chairs, the white noise of home improvement and cooking shows. No need for an appointment! You can go to waiting rooms just to... wait. I get some of my best thinking done while waiting. So often life is go, go, go! I love a moment to wait, wait, wait. Seriously. Waiting rooms. They’re underrated.